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The sensational new Aero Pro feeder range

Aero Pro feeder rods are sensational. The most advanced feeder rods ever produced by Shimano, they deliver uncompromising performance for anglers who fish at the very highest level, and those who aspire to do so. Using advanced carbon fibre and technology never previously used on feeder rods, the Aero Pro models are more accurate and longer casting, with seamless fish-playing actions that inspire confidence. This stunning range delivers remarkable precision and can make an important difference at the very highest level.


• The most advanced feeder rods ever produced by SHIMANO  

• More accurate, longer casting and with a level of precision never seen before 

• Japanese Spiral X Core and Hi-Power X carbon technology blanks with premium fittings 


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Exceptional precision across the complete range

If you are a feeder angler fishing at the top level, you'll already know every small advantage adds up. The margin between success and failure is often incredibly small and that's where the Aero Pro feeder rods become so important. This range is our best ever. It contains Japanese technology that has never been used on feeder rods before and it will give you a noticeable advantage over the competition. 


With four models in the Aero Pro range you can cover almost all eventualities from short to extreme range, fishing for silver fish on rivers, canals and lakes or hard fighting carp on commercial man-made fisheries, or large waters where big weights are required. 


For close and medium range work there are two Precision models in 10’ (3.05m) and 11’ (3.35m) lengths. Both of these rods have a casting weight of up to 60g, with the shorter Precision 10’ model being especially suited to ‘commercial’ match sized carp using a bomb or Method feeder on smaller venues. The Precision 11’ is hugely versatile and is equally at home fishing natural venues for bream as it is with a method feeder for carp. Match either of these with an Aero XR reel and you have a stunning, lightweight combination that gives exceptional feedback.  

Long range performance without comparison

For longer range fishing there’s a Distance 12’ (3.66m) model with a casting weight up to 90g, which matches the shorter Precision 11’ model for versatility. This is the rod to select if you do a lot of medium to long range stillwater bream fishing, casting medium and large feeders up to 65 metres, or fish big rivers with small and medium sized feeders. It also makes a stunning medium range Method feeder rod for larger waters. The Distance 13’ (3.96m) model is rated up to 100g and is a long range rod without comparison, especially when matched with an Ultegra CI4+ 5500 sized reel. This model will cast in excess of 100 metres, yet unlike many other long range rods it maintains a superb fish-playing action that offers reassurance when using lighter lines and small hooks. It also makes an exceptional large river rod when fishing for a wide range of species, including powerful barbel, chub, bream and ide. 

Exceptional design, enhanced by Shimano’s very latest technology

Most of the performance advantages come from the Japanese blank technology used throughout the Aero Pro range. All 4 models are unique and for the first time are constructed from Shimano's very best Japanese carbon technology, SPIRAL X CORE and HI-POWER X plus Nanopitch technology.


Accurate and long range casting performance is essential for top anglers and the use of the latest carbon technology dramatically reduces blank twist when under pressure. You can actually feel this when casting and will notice immediately how your feeder flies more accurately towards your target. Another advantage of this stunning carbon technology is the way the force you put into the cast is used with maximum efficiency throughout the rod, generating increased tip speed. The result, especially in the Distance models, is longer casts for the same amount of effort.


And there's more. Remarkable casting performance isn’t advantageous if you can’t land the fish you hook and all models in the Aero Pro feeder range come with a choice of three different one-piece tip sections, with built in Hi-Power X quivertips. The result is a seamless curve, as each top section has been slightly adjusted to balance perfectly with the strength of the tip. Whilst this also helps casting performance, it is fish-playing where this advantage becomes very apparent. The smooth curve is faultless and pressure on the tip is smoothly transferred to the rest of the rod as it takes on an almost elastic type quality, even in the longest 13’ Distance model. The result is more confident fish-playing and more fish in the net.  

As you would expect, such a premium range of rods demands the very best fittings and the Aero Pro doesn’t disappoint. A super lightweight CI4+ reel seat blends perfectly into the contoured EVA handle and the use of the latest Fuji K-Type SiC guides reduces weight and friction in equal measures.


A new era is feeder rod technology begins… 

The Aero Pro feeder range is set to be the benchmark by which other feeder rods will be judged in the future. Each of the four models has been designed and tested extensively on a wide range of venues throughout Europe, to ensure they meet and exceed the expectations of the world’s best feeder anglers. The perfect example of the Aero tag line ‘precision to win’, the new Aero Pro feeder range offers the ultimate feeder rod experience.

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