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Power Aero XTC – The Power to Overcome

The Power Aero certainly lives up to its name. The sleek two-tone finish oozes quality and contains the very latest engineering and gearing technology to match the dedicated modern-day anglers needs. It has been built to be able to persevere in the most demanding environments and keeps on performing when exposed to the elements!


• SHIMANO’S toughest, most powerful long range reel 

• Compact aluminium HAGANE BODY for maximum durability in extreme conditions

• INFINITY DRIVE for increased cranking efficiency and RIGID CAST for improved casting


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Sensational cranking and fish-playing performance

It is the sensational cranking and fish-playing performance that makes this reel really stand out from the crowd. In keeping with its name, the Power Aero has prestigious cranking power and enables you to boss almost any situation, no matter how extreme. Generated by a combination of SHIMANO’S very best gearing and protection technologies this is the reel to select if you want to overcome any challenge! 

Match and exceed the highest expectations

Whilst the Power Aero is undeniably tough and powerful, it can still deliver the magnificent casting performance associated with all SHIMANO Big Pit and Surfcasting reels. In fact it is only excelled by the Aero Technium Mgs as the ultimate distance casting reel. It really does have so much to offer and if you are serious about long range fishing performance you will probably prefer this powerhouse superstar to any other model, and with justifiable reason. 


Featuring all of SHIMANO’S latest long range casting technology, the Power Aero will launch leads with remarkable speed and accuracy. This will enable you to hit long range feeding spots on large lakes or big rivers with unwavering accuracy, or place your bait further out into the ocean than ever before, enabling you to pick off larger fish feeding only at long range.   


The power of Shimano fishing reel technologies

To deliver and protect this smooth, but remarkably powerful winding performance SHIMANO added its very best gearing technology HAGANE GEAR, HAGANE BODY and X-SHIP. This trio of trusted technology is legendary and is the benchmark by which other reels are judged. However, in Power Aero it is further enhanced with INFINITY DRIVE and SILENT DRIVE refinements.

And to finally catch fish that were out of reach before Shimano added the superb friction reducing line-lay of Super Slow 5 oscillation combined with the unique AR-C spool design. And if this isn’t enough for you, Rigid Cast technology overcomes the extreme energy generated by a long cast and minimises deflection (and vibration) of the spool. These technologies help you to not only cast further but also to land your bait on the desired spot more accurate! 


When finally hooked, the advanced and almost instant Hi-Speed drag can be switched from freespool to full lock with a small rotation of the drag knob. This is perfect for quickly adjusting the drag when you are playing a powerful fish or to lock down the spool and prevent spool slippage when you are powering out an extra long cast. And to ensure the Power Aero maintains continuous exceptional performance in both fresh and saltwater environments, it also benefits from the very best X-PROTECT protection, which seals the bearings to prevent water and dirt intrusion.

What’s in the box?

A matching spare spool is also supplied, and to aid efficient line loading, the new Power Aero is supplied with three spool reducers in 3500 (0,20-200m), 6000 (0,30-200m) and 10000 (0,40-300m) sizes. These fit securely onto the spool and work perfectly with braid, mono or fluorocarbon lines. An Interesting fact is that the spool reducers are so lightweight they actually weigh less than the line they compensate for.


Available sizes

The Power Aero is available in three large 14000 sized models. If you are a carp or specimen angler the Power Aero XTC has a dark stealth-like colouration that is sure to appeal to you. Alternatively the Power Aero XSC has a silver colouration more favoured by surfcasting anglers and is available in two variants. The standard XSC version has a 4.3:1 gear ratio, which retrieves a massive 103cm of line per handle turn, giving you awesome speed when you need it most. The ‘Power Gear’ PGXSC version has a slower 3.5:1 high torque gear ratio making it perfect for playing outsized fish or applying the ultimate in constant cranking pressure.   


Available in 14000 size, weighing 500g, 8/1 ball bearings.

Combination items