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The Magnumlite Philosophy

The philosophy is characterized by two major design elements. The first is light rotation start-up and stopping of the rotor, and the second is lowering overall weight of the reel. This weight reduction is further assisting in reducing start-up inertia. The Magnumlite philosophy is holistic in the sense that it redefines reel design and reel configuration to create an ultimate light winding tool. In this philosophy every component of the reel is reconsidered and undergoes continuous and infinite innovation. The Magnumlite philosophy is, in essence, a holistic reel redesign methodology that focuses on weight reduction and light winding.


The Magnumlite Reel series

The Magnumlite series is a collection of high-end reels designed around the Magnumlite concept. The low start-up inertia means that very little pressure/force/power is required to start- or stop winding. For this reason, Magnumlite reels excel in performing techniques with a lot of short and rapid handle moves. In addition to the internal configuration, Magnumlite reels are the lightest reels in the Shimano reel lineup and lighter than many other reels on the market today. Magnumlite reels currently include 5 spinning reels (Vanquish, Twin Power XD, Sustain, Vanford & Miravell) and 2 specialist reels (Exsence for seabass and Cardiff Ci4+ for trout)


The Magnumlite fishing

Reels in this series are built for fishing styles that require precise lure control. These fishing styles also require a reel that is lightweight. A lightweight reel enhances the control and feeling of the lure and decreases the fatigue in arms and hands when fishing precisely for a long time. Fishing styles include jigging for zander, twitching, stop and go swimbaiting, top-water popping and ‘walk-the-dog’ stick bait and pencil fishing, dropshotting and finesse techniques like Texas- and Carolina rigging, nedrigging, finesse tube fishing etcetera.

The Magnumlite technologies



Light Rotation Start-up

The light starting- and stopping of the reel is created by a combination of many elements. The configuration of the internal design of the gearing and drive train are two important ones. All moving parts in the reel have undergone thorough analyses and improvements. Most of the innovations evolve around erasing play and increasing balance and smoothness of the reel. To add to the smooth rotation feeling, most reels in the Magnumlite series are equipped with Silent Drive and Micromodule 2. With Silent Drive the smallest clearance gaps and wobbles in the drive train have been eliminated to the highest tolerance. This enhances ultra-smooth winding. With Micromodule 2 The surfaces of the drive gear and pinion gear have been analyzed and updated to create a smoother reel feeling.


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Weight reduction

The second part of the Magnumlite philosophy comes from weight reduction innovations. The reels are redesigned from top to bottom to see where reductions can be made. For example, Magnumlite reels have a redesigned rotor which is made asymmetrical to improve the balance and lower the weight of the reel. Other weight reduction innovations evolve around using new extremely light and strong materials such as magnesium and Ci4+. In the Magnumlite philosophy, these materials are used as much as possible. In addition to using lightweight materials, the Magnumlite philosophy puts great focus on reducing the amount of material that is used in the first place. Continuous tests and innovations help to evaluate any part of the reel that can be left out without compromising on strength and durability.





Magnumlite reels are lightweight Shimano reels that are built for precise lure control. They are usable for many fishing styles, but they excel in performing finesse techniques with lighter lures and a lot of starting and stopping of the rotor. With a Shimano Magnumlite reel, you can trust that everything has been done to make the reel as light as technically possible. At the top of the lineup, you can find two of Shimano’s flagship models the Vanquish and Twin Power XD.