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SHIMANO takes great pride in its engineering technology. With a history of excellence going back over 100 years, and a world-wide reputation for technological advancement and unrelenting quality, the exclusive features found on SHIMANO reels deliver a significant benefit to you when fishing, improving performance and increasing fishing enjoyment.

Let’s start with the advantages of a strong and durable fishing reel. It’s important that you’re in control of the fish when hooked. Using an ultra-strong, lightweight body not only acts as a rigid support and protection for internal components, it reduces body twist and deflection, which ensures full power is transmitted from the handle to the rotor.

During fishing, your reel needs to be able to stand up to tough conditions, heavy shocks and excessive pressure. For this reason, the body needs to offer protection and its material, and the material of the internal gearing needs to be strong and precise. To extend the high quality performance and longevity of your reel, SHIMANO has developed the ultra strong, lightweight HAGANE Body and the strong and smooth HAGANE Gear. If you’re using a reel with these technologies, you will definitely feel the benefits.

When fishing, smooth rotation and efficient power transmission are important. They enable you to present your lure precisely and to play fish effectively. Low inertia and reduced friction are required for a smooth operation. This keeps you in control of your lure when reeling. When a fish is hooked, the precision gearing allows you to efficiently transmit input power from the handle to the rotor, enabling powerful and controlled fish-playing. To enhance smoothness and powerful performance SHIMANO has developed Micromodule Gear and X-SHIP. Both technologies are part of the HAGANE Concept.

Now you know some of the benefits of a strong, durable, smooth, and powerful reel, let’s explain more about SHIMANO'S HAGANE Concept.


HAGANE is Shimano's reel design concept which aims at “eternally smooth reeling.” We've taken our unique metalworking technology, including precision cold forging, to extreme levels in pursuit of the reels that only we can produce. Shimano reels, with their impressive smoothness and overwhelming strength, backed by the HAGANE concept, have been the favorites of discerning anglers for years. The more you use it, the more you realize the value of HAGANE.


Reel manufacturing based on the HAGANE concept is supported by the unique metalworking technology that Shimano has developed over the years. The precision cold-forged “HAGANE Gear” is tremendously strong and durable from the edges of the teeth to the root of the gear. The “Micromodule Gear System” provides seamless reeling through the engagement between the super-refined teeth. The “X-SHIP” system achieves powerful and smooth cranking thanks to the gear system that is designed to effectively transmit input power. The highly rigid “HAGANE Body” eliminates distortion as well as flex during reeling and protects the interior of the reel from unexpected impact. By integrating these representative metalworking technologies, Shimano gives you the feeling of smooth reeling that is unique to Shimano reels.




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Knowing that the technologies of the Hagane concept are developed with the cold forging process. You can read more about the benefits of this production process compared to general machining.

Cold forging benefits



The history of SAKAI's metalworking goes back to the 5th century, also known as the Kofun period. This technology of swords, kitchen knives, guns, and other precision metal tools have been handed down in Sakai from generation to generation. This has been evolved overtime to be used in the manufacturing of bicycle components. In 1921, Shimano Iron Works, our predecessor, opened their doors.


Since then, the combination of history and tradition of SAKAI's metalworking has given us the most advanced technology possible, which has allowed us to achieve one innovation after another. The photo at right is “Bantam” which was released in 1979. This was the start of the history of our uncompromising reel manufacturing. At Shimano we pursue the potential that only metals are capable of. “HAGANE” embodies the philosophy that has been passed on in Shimano's reel manufacturing and this forms the basis of our technology.