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The Coresolid Philosophy

The Coresolid Philosophy is characterized by two major functional elements. The first is adding stiffness and rigidity, and the second is creating a smooth continuous rotation feeling. The Coresolid philosophy evolves around the use of specific strong materials, and a configuration that is optimized for delivering smooth power when reeling. What separates Coresolid reels from other reels is in the construction of the reel's body and the gearing. Using high end body materials enhances the durability, strength, and overall performance of the reel. Coresolid reels have very stiff bodies that do not flex or bend, even under high pressure.


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The Coresolid Reel series

The Coresolid reel series is a collection of high-end reels designed around the Coresolid concept. The high start-up inertia means that to set the rotor in motion you need more power, but to keep it turning you need very little power. For this reason, Coresolid reels excel in performing steady retrieve spinning techniques or situations when you must reel in under heavy pressure. Coresolid reels are the toughest reels in the Shimano reel lineup and stronger than many other reels on the market today. Coresolid reels currently include 4 spinning reels (Stella, Twin Power, Stradic & Ultegra) and 2 specialist reels (Soare BB for UL fishing & Sephia BB for Sephia fishing).



The Coresolid fishing

Reels in this series are built for fishing styles that require durable, strong reels that must perform under high pressure, whether it is from strong fish, heavy resistance lures or tough circumstances. So in situations where power and smoothness is more important than lightness you can rely on a core solid reel. Fresh water fishing styles include spinning crankbaits, blades, spinnerbaits, swimbaits, small-, medium- and large shads, spoons, glide baits, and chatter baits for species like pike, zander, perch and aspius. In Salt water conditions fishing styles include, but are not limited to inshore spinning, light jigging and sephia fishing.

The Coresolid technologies



Smooth rotation feeling

Coresolid reels are built for smooth winding, even under pressure. The configuration of the internal design of the gearing and drive train are optimized for this purpose. To enhance the smooth rotation feeling, reels in the Coresolid series are equipped with X-Ship, Silent Drive and Micromodule 2. X-ship is a precision gearing system which enables powerful yet smooth reeling. With Silent Drive the smallest clearance gaps and wobbles in the drive train have been eliminated to the highest tolerance. This enhances ultra-smooth winding. With Micromodule 2 The surfaces of the drive gear and pinion gear have been analyzed and updated to create a smoother reel feeling.


Hagane components

The second part of the Coresolid philosophy comes from the use of ultra strong and rigid materials for its main components. The most important component that provides stiffness and rigidity is the body of the reel. Most Coresolid reels have Hagane bodies and Hagane gears. Hagane bodies are made from precision machined aluminum or magnesium (Stella) which provides rigidity and reduces flexing under heavy loads. This results in improved power transmission, increased torque, and overall better performance when fighting strong fish. The Hagane cold forged gearing of the Coresolid reels make them extremely, smooth, durable and tough, also after long periods of intense use.




Coresolid reels are strong and durable Shimano reels that are built for smoothness and power. The Shimano Coresolid philosophy is focused on creating reels that can withstand the rigors of even the toughest fishing conditions. To achieve this, Shimano uses high-quality materials like cold-forged steel for the gears and a Hagane body, which provides a solid foundation for the gears to operate on. The result is a reel that delivers smooth and efficient power transfer, as well as a high rotor start up inertia and a silky-smooth rotation feeling. Coresolid reels can be used for many fishing styles, but they excel at techniques that require continuous winding.