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Rod Yasei LTD


Shimano Rod Yasei LTD


Shimano Rod Yasei LTD


Shimano Rod Yasei LTD
Shimano Rod Yasei LTD
Shimano Rod Yasei LTD
Shimano Rod Yasei LTD

Rod Yasei LTD

The Yasei LTD series combines the very best Japanese rod design with advanced carbon technology that will match and exceed the expectations of the most demanding of anglers. The result is a range of high-end specialised rods, designed specifically for targeting pike, zander and perch, using the latest European techniques.
If you are a serious, species orientated predator specialist, the Yasei LTD rod range could be the perfect solution for you. Within the range are a selection of models that have been designed to fish the very latest techniques, specifically for your target species. These models have been custom-designed, to meet the highest expectations, without compromise, and take their inspiration from some of Europe’s best predator specialists. Using exclusive Shimano carbon technology, combined with the finest of fittings, Yasei LTD have some of the most advanced, responsive actions we have ever produced.
Each model features a highly technical blank, made from HPC Carbon with Spiral X Core and Nanopitch. This combination of technology has enabled the rods individual actions to be customised, to produce the perfect characteristics required for their intended use. The benefits of Spiral X Core is a real highlight on the Yasei LTD, reducing blank twist for accurate casting, increasing strength and power for confident fish-playing, and enabling the rods weight to be minimised for improved performance and enjoyment. And to complement the stunning gloss black blanks, the finest Fuji guides and reel seats have been selected to further enhance the performance and appearance.
One immediately noticeable feature of the Yasei LTD is the combination of high quality cork and carbon in the handles. This sets the rods apart and supports the rods high-end credibility even further. The Baitcasting models also benefit from the Shimano’s Carbon Monocoque handle for the ultimate in feel and response and the solid tip Perch finesse models have ultra sensitive TAFTEC Alpha tips, proving that no detail has been missed.
Ultimately, if you are a serious single species angler, looking for uncompromising perfection to match your ability and dedication, the Yasei LTD is almost certainly going to meet and surpass your high expections.



Spiral X Core is Shimano's newest and most advanced blank construction technology. By integrating Spiral X carbon tape construction with Toray Nanoalloy® technology, Spiral X Core constructed blanks benefit from up to 10% more torsional rigidity and up to 15% more compressional rigidity than rods built with Spiral X. Shimano is unique to the market by applying by high-strength carbon tape with this unique and patented Spiral X construction.


Carbon Monocoque grip is a carbon-molded grip that is lightweight with high sensitivity, transferring even the smallest vibration to an angler’s hand. The Carbon Monocoque Grip increases sensitivity by 30% compared to traditional rod handles and utilizes a hollow structure that eliminates unnecessary parts of the rear grip to improve weight reduction and vibration transmission.


Shimano’s Nanopitch manufacturing method enables fine-pitch and high-precision wrapping of the molding tape during the blank baking process. Nanopitch technology tightens the tape to the extreme and provides uniform pressure, increasing the circularity of the rod and ultimately improving overall rod strength.


SHIMANO’s TAFTEC α is a unique solid tip that realizes flexibility and delicate bending without reducing the diameter of the tip or its strength. The TAFTEC α tip is used throughout the Shimano rod range where sensitivity is an important requirement of the rods.


CI4 is a resin material reinforced with carbon fiber that is lighter and has a higher strength than conventional resin material. CI4+ is an advanced version of the original CI4 material.The rigidity and durability have been greatly improved from original CI4 material while maintaining the lightness of the material, making it possible to reduce the size and weight of the reel.


Rod Yasei LTD Pelag Pik&Zdr M Cast FAST 1,90m 30-50g 2pc
Rod Yasei LTD Pelag Pik&Zdr H Cast FAST 1,90m 50-80g 2pc
Rod Yasei LTD Zdr Ver Jig Spin EX-FAST 1,98m 12-28g 1+1pc
Rod Yasei LTD Perch Crnkb Cast MOD-FAST 2,15m 4-16g 2pc
Rod Yasei LTD Power Finesse FAST 2,15m 7-21g 2pc
Rod Yasei LTD Perch SB Fi Spin FAST 2,25m 5-18g 2pc
Rod Yasei LTD Pike Cr&Spb Cast FAST 2,25m 50-110g 2pc
Rod Yasei LTD Pike Swi&Sb Cast FAST 2,55m 60-180g 2pc
Rod Yasei LTD Perch SB Fi Spin EX-FAST 2,60m 3-21g 2pc
Rod Yasei LTD Zdr Finesse Spin EX-FAST 2,70m 10-35g 2pc
Rod Yasei LTD Zdr Riv Jig Spin EX-FAST 2,70m 20-70g 2pc














Reel Fixing Method


YASLTDPELA190M 6'3" 1.90 M 2 98.6 115 30-50 10-18 Carbon Monocoque Cork + Carbon 285 DOWNLOCK 99.8
YASLTDPELA190H 6'3" 1.90 H 2 98.3 125 50-80 11-22 Carbon Monocoque Cork + Carbon 285 DOWNLOCK 99
YASLTDVZA198M 6'6" 1.98 M 2 168 95 12-28 6-15 Carbon Monocoque Cork + Carbon 320 UPLOCK 99.9
YASLTDBFS205L 6'9" 2.05 - 2 105.9 102 3.5-10 6-12 Carbon Monocoque Cork 250 DOWNLOCK 98.9
YASLTDPE215ML 7'1" 2.15 ML 2 110.8 105 4-16 6-10 Carbon Monocoque Cork + Carbon 300 DOWNLOCK 99.9
YASLTDPF215MLP 7'1" 2.15 MLP 2 135 107 7 - 21 6-10 Carbon Monocoque Cork + Carbon 330 UPLOCK 99.3
YASLTDPE225ML 7'5" 2.25 ML 2 115.5 95 5-18 6-10 Carbon Monocoque Cork + Carbon 330 UPLOCK 99.9
YASLTDP225XH 7'5" 2.25 XH 2 116.7 160 50-110 30-50 Separate Cork 375 DOWNLOCK 99.4
YASLTDP255XXH 8'4" 2.55 XXH 2 131.7 250 60-180 40-65 Separate Cork 425 DOWNLOCK 99.9
YASLTDPE260ML 8'6" 2.60 ML 2 133.6 134 3-21 6-10 Carbon Monocoque Cork + Carbon 377 UPLOCK 99.9
YASLTDZA270M 8'10" 2.70 M 2 138.7 150 10-35 8-15 Separate Cork 420 UPLOCK 99.9
YASLTDZA270H 8'10" 2.70 H 2 138.5 163 20-70 10-25 Separate Cork 440 UPLOCK 99.9
YASLTDBSS270XH 8'10" 2.70 XH 2 138.7 160 60-120 15-40 Separate Cork 480 UPLOCK 99.9