I-DC 5

Intelligent Digital Control braking system that allows anglers to fine tune their reel to the perfect setting for each line/lure combination and achieve trouble-free, ultimate distance casting. I-DC5 has 2 sets of dial adjustment. With the inside dial, you can select the type of line being used: Nylon (Mono), Fluorocarbon, and Braided (PE) Line. The outside dial adjustment is based on the lure type: 1. Big Lures (5/8-1oz), 2. Medium Lures (3/8-3/4oz), 3. Small Lures (1/4-7/16oz) and 4. Finesse Lures (3/16-1/4oz). There is also the ‘AUTO’ function, letting the onboard DC decide optimal brake setting. The I-DC5 breaking system uses more magnets to assist braking than the previous systems. With the addition of a ring magnet, brake force can be applied more evenly. This increases maximum spool revolution by 12% at the start of a cast.