ISO 14001


Shimano North America Holding, Inc. is a registered ISO14001 company, reflecting our commitment to protecting the environment.

At Shimano, our mission is:

“To promote health and happiness

through the enjoyment of nature

and the world around us.”

We strive to provide quality products and services that are reliable and trustworthy.  We are dedicated to creating recreational products from human engineering innovations that not only put us in touch with our natural environment, but also create a more natural and responsive interface between the environment and ourselves.  We strive to operate a business that is environmentally sustainable.

The people who are Shimano believe the integration of environmental issues into our business culture will yield superior products.  We will strive to lead by example, be a good corporate citizen, and contribute to the prosperity of our community. We are committed to:

·         Protection of the environment

·         Continual improvement in our environmental performance

·         Compliance with applicable environmental regulations

·         Prevention of pollution

It is our intent to be recognized by our customers, employees and community as a responsible business committed to environmental protection and preservation.


"As a matter of good ethics and good business, Shimano is concentrating on the development of products that are excellent in terms of environmental friendliness…"

Shozo Shimano, Chairman and Yoshizo Shimano, President, March 1999

(1998 Annual Report)