Our Commitment to our Customers

The Shimano commitment to our customers includes our active and direct involvement with organizations who work tirelessly on behalf of fishing and cycling. We choose our partners carefully because the future of these great outdoor recreational activities depends on the quality, experience and professionalism of the advocates.

The issues we are engaged in span a broad spectrum -- from threats to public land and water access to safe places for children to ride a bike. Together with our partners we are involved with government agencies and elected and appointed officials at the state, provincial and federal levels in policy, legislation and regulations that impact on people who fish and who ride a bike.

For 20 years, Shimano has been directly involved as an advocate for the people who buy our products -- and our partners featured here have earned our respect and our appreciation.

American Sportfishing Association

The American Sportfishing Association (ASA) is the sportfishing industry's trade association, committed to looking out for the interests of the entire sportfishing community. ASA gives the industry a unified voice, speaking out on behalf of sportfishing and boating industries, state and federal natural resource agencies, conservation organizations, angler advocacy groups and outdoor journalists when emerging laws and policies could significiantly affect sportfishing business or sportfishing itself. ASA invests in long-term ventures to ensure the industry will remain strong and prosperous as well as safeguard and promote the enduring social economic and conservation values of sportfishing in America. For more information, visit the ASA website

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National Assembly of Sportsmen's Caucuses

The National Assembly of Sportsmen's Caucuses (NASC), a program of the Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation, serves as the umbrella for 34 affiliated state legislative sportsmen's caucuses. NASC is the leader in providing information to protect and promote sportsmen's issues in state legislatures, serving as the venue for focused interaction and idea exchange among state caucus leaders and the outdoors community. For additional information, visit the NASC website or call 202-543-6907.

The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters

The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) was established in 1928, and is Canada's leading conservation organization, as well as a non-profit registered charity. The Federation lobbies for the protection of wildlife and Canadian outdoor traditions. As of 2007, it has 82,000 members, and 655 membership clubs. For more information, visit

Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation

The Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation (CSF) is the most respected and trusted proponent for hunters and fishermen in the political arena. With support from every major hunting and fishing organization, CSF is the leader in promoting sportsmen's issues with elected officials. CSF works directly with the bi-partisan, bi-cameral Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus in the U.S. Congress, as well as affiliated state sportsmen's caucuses in state legislatures around the country. For additional information, or call 202-543-6850

Canadian Sportfishing Industry Association

The Canadian Sportfishing Industry Association (CSIA) is Canada's fishing tackle industry association. Its mandate is to work to ensure the stability of the $7.4 Billion recreational fishing industry. Obviously, this can not be achieved without healthy and sustainable fish populations in all areas of the country. As a consequence, the CSIA is actively involved in advocating sound fisheries management principles that address the root problems contributing to the decline of fish populations. While fisihing opportunities are vital to the health of the industry, the CSIA recognizes the need for balance. For more information, please visit