Marine Protected Areas

Did you know that some 'Big Green' environmental groups are lobbying government to permanently ban recreational fishing in 20-50 % of all coastal waters in the United States and Canada?

Did you know that in California permanent coastal fishing closures are being mandated by the state without credible scientific justification due to the state budget crisis?

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) were originally intended to protect threatened fish stocks and sensitive habitat within specified boundaries as determined by scientific data . Recently the establishment of MPAs is increasingly leading to the creation of very restrictive 'no-take' Marine Reserves resulting in signficant permanent closures for recreational fishing in some of the best angling areas, especially in saltwater.

The Great Lakes are now also being included in the MPA agenda.

Be informed and be involved.

Download: What is a Marine Protected Area?

Download: Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies Policy Statement on MPAs

Download: American Sportfishing Association Press Release