Reinvented for the modern age of ice fishing, the Sienna Ice Combo is offered in an arsenal of actions designed for all creatures that lurk below the ice. Sienna Ice rods now feature a new streamlined grip and a reel seat that reduces excess material to allow for better balance and a more comfortable grip, ultimately providing a lightweight rod with enhanced sensitivity. The EVA foam handle increases the rod’s durability to allow for years of fishing. The ultra-light and medium-light models of Sienna Ice feature an elongated hi-viz tip section for easier bite detection when fishing with light lures or jigs for panfish and walleye. These models also feature Aluminum Oxide guides as well as coil guides for decreased weight when fishing with lighter lines. Medium and medium-heavy models also feature Aluminum Oxide guides for increased durability when fighting larger fish. Available as a combo or as the rod by itself, the Sienna Ice is ready to challenge the elements.


 Shimano made waves in the ice-fishing world in 2018, and the efforts continue for 2019/20 ice-fishing season with its ‘next level’ ice rods now offered in the Sedona Ice-Fishing combo line-up. All matched with a Sedona ultralight 500 size spinning reels with a durable HAGANE Gear and Propulsion Line Management System, combos available include those with 24” and 30” ultralight power rods, a 26” light power and 34” medium-light versions, and two with 28” rods in medium-light power and medium power.

 Matched with larger capacity Sedona 1000 reels for ‘let’s go big’ action, combos offered include ones with a 28” heavy power rod, a 36” medium power, and a 40” medium-heavy power rod. All the combos retail for $99.99.