Digital Control or DC braking system automatically controls the brake force at every moment of the cast with an on-board micro-computer constantly measuring the spool's rotation speed and applying the right amount of brake force to control spool rotation preventing backlash. 

The on-board micro-computer requires no batteries or charging which means you can enjoy the benefits of DC Braking System without worry!

So now you can cast any lure, under any conditions easily and achieve longer casting distance with less thumbing and without having to make multiple adjustments to the reel. And because you experience less backlash, you can now make use of your valuable time to catch more fish!

DC vs Conventional Brake System

Compared to conventional braking system, DC Brake applies appropriate brake force at various points during casting as the on-board computer measures the spool's rotation speed and reacts accordingly.


Compared to previous generations of DC brake systems, there is now 8 precise brake settings paired to 4 modes, FL(Fluoro), P(PE), NM(Nylon), X(Extreme Long Cast), giving anglers the ability to make precise brake adjustments.

State of the art braking system for throwing seabass lures with little trouble on PE lines. 8 Precise brake settings paired to 4 modes, XP(Casting with Tailwind), P(PE), N(Nylon) and F(Fluoro).

In addition to F(Fluro), P(PE) and NM(Nylon), there is XB, 4 modes specially catered for casting heavy weight lures such as big bait and metal jigs. Together with 8 precise brake settings, optimal brake control according to the weight of the lure and air resistance is achieved. 

In addition to the selection of the 3 modes available with the internal dial, there is an external dial that allows for the selection of 5 precise brake settings. The 4-pole magnetized ring magnet reduces backlash while achieving proper braking.

Brake system with advanced information processing capability. I-DC4 reads various situation changes from casting to arrival of lure at target spot through the reading of the spool's rotation and makes fine adjustments to the brake accordingly.

4 modes can be set using the external dial for Max Distance, Braided/Mono line, Fluorocarbon line and Skipping for you to place the lure at those hard to reach places.