Recommended Uses

Teramar WC Inshore Breakwater
  • TMCX69MH
    This is the perfect rod for hauling bruisers our of deep cover or from the breakwater using 15-to 20-lb. line or 50-lb. Spectra with small jig heads (3/8, 1/2 or 5/8).
  • TMCX69H
    Calico bass, sand bass, white sea bass and yellowtail beware! This is a powerful inshore rod that can easily throw light to medium lures and jig heads into rocks, kelp and other heavy structure.
Teramar SE Inshore Casting
  • TMC66M
    This rod is ideal for pitching topwater baits, jigs and jerkbaits up under the mangroves.
  • TMC66MH
    Use this mangrove plug rod for snook and reds. It's also perfect for fishing in and around docks.
  • TMCM70MH
    A great rod for fishing with live bait and bucktails for big snook in the passes or tarpon on the beach.
  • TMCX70MH
    This rod is capable of controlling large snook and tarpon in the passes.
  • TMCX70H
    Use this great rod for fishing for tarpon and snook in deep holes in the bay and passes or from the beach.
  • TMC76MH
    A perfect rod for casting maximum distance with bait and artificials to tarpon.
  • TMC76H
    Use this rod for throwing live bait long distances to tarpon from the beach.
Teramar WC Inshore Casting
  • TMCX76ML
    Its extra fast action and lightweight feel make it a comfortable, yet effective rod for fishing small grubs and swim baits with a light line when the bite is tough.
  • TMCX76M
    A long-casting ability matched with its extra fast action allows you to set the hook solidly from a distance. A 1/2 oz. jig head with 3" plastics balances out perfectly on it.
  • TMCX76MH
    This rod is an extremely versatile swim-bait rod. It has the castability and the power necessary for calico bass.
  • TMCX76H
    A great rod for serious inshore anglers. The extra fast action and unmatched pulling power make it a very unique rod.
  • TMCX80M
    This is a fantastic light-bait, light-line swim-bait rod. Its extra length allows for effortless casting and its extra fast action helps you bury the hook with ease.
  • TMCX80MH
    A perfect rod for 15-to 20 lb. line with 4- to 5-inch plastics. It has incredible castability and hookset power, yet enough sensitivity to feel the thump of the swim bait tail.
  • TMCX80H
    This rod casts to spots that others wouldn't dare. Yes, you can cast that far and, yes, you can get them out of that cover.