Talica Single Speed Drag Curves
Smooth drag is very important and one that Shimano prides itself upon throughout the product line. Talica is no exception to the rule. However, being able to fish 3 to 4 line classes heavier than you would normally on a reel of its size makes Talica more fun to fish since you spend less time fighting your tackle and more time fighting the fish. Pre-installed with an L.R.S. (Long Range Special) style drag cam, which is designed to provide maximum drag output for heavy settings with heavy line, the Talica Single speeds are specifically designed for fishing heavy PowerPro Hollow-Ace with short Fluorocarbon topshots. The 8 & 10 sizes will fish 50 pound PowerPro Hollow-Ace with ease, while the 12 & 16 sizes can utilize up to 100 pound Hollow-Ace!
Not to be forgotten are the light line anglers, who prefer to use monofilament to target species like Sailfish and White Marlin. Many times these anglers use "light" line such as 12-20# monofilament simply for the sport. However, many utilize these light lines to target a specific line class in a tournament or also for World Record attempts. The Talica single speeds also come with a second cam in box just for these anglers. This drag curve was designed using feedback during Torsa's initial field testing at the Master's Tournament in Cancun, Mexico. With input from Master's Tournament anglers Stewart Campbell, Tom Greene and Bill Buckland, we created the S.F.S 20 cam. Optimized for 20# test line, it features a low, gradual area from Warning to the Half position that begins at 1/4 pound of drag to allow the angler minimal tension on the line when the fish bites and to allow the angler to quickly back of on a running fish. The steep section from the 1/2 to the Full position allows the target Strike setting of 6-8 pounds while providing a Full setting of 10 pounds. This cam allows the angler to use these powerful little reels without worrying about the drag backing off at these relatively low drag settings due to boat vibration, or the reel going into to freespool too early on the lever's range as a result of a drag curve designed for heavier line classes. (These cams are included in the box of all Talica Single Speed models and available for purchase to use on any Talica 2-Speed Model. Please see your local Shimano Retailer for details)