Lucanus Jigs

Shimano Lucanus Jig is an exciting approach to catching bottom species during the cold water season when fish are not so active.

The aerodynamic head design lets it sink quickly to the bottom and stabilizes the jig when it is retrieved.

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Curado G

It’s all about reliability and versatility with Shimano’s Curado baitcasting reels. For more than two decades,
anglers continue to rely on our Curado series
for fishing success. The Curado 200G sizes are available in three different gear ratios - high speed, all-around and low speed so you can select the right one for the most effectiveness. With our Curado G reels, anglers have the right tool to fish all conditions and techniques.

Curado E

Providing anglers with exceptional performance and durability, our Curado® E reels are designed for casting big baits and jigging. The 300E/301E offers low-profile handling for all-day muskie action and inshore saltwater use, while the 300EJ has the ideal speed and spool capcity for use with Shimano’s Waxwing System to cast the Junior 118, Senior 138 and Daddy 168 size lures.

Stradic FJ

Classic Look, More Power
X-Ship provides rigidity and tremendous amount of cranking power


The dream rod for cod and snapper anglers. Designed for use with our Lucanus jigs, the CS4 blanks are incredibly light and offer maximum pulling power. Put the entire Lucanus System together to bring an exciting and challenging level to bottom fishing with lighter rods, reels and jigs.