Take Me Fishing

Get Hooked on Family Fun
With my hectic schedule as an adult, it was hard to find time to go fishing with my own family. Between work, school, and activities, we could never relax together. I was always looking for a way for us to spend more quality time with one another.
Then I remembered the great times that I had fishing with my family when I was young. So one weekend, I gathered the family and we headed out to a nearby lake. The peace and quiet was just what we needed to reconnect with one another. And we had lots of fun too!

- Kevin Costner, Courtesy of Sports Publishing L.L.C. from the book Celebrity Fish Talk: Tales of Fishing from an All-Star Cast (2005) by David Strege.

Take Me Fishing
For many years Shimano has been growing the industry through dedicated programs that help in the recruitment of new anglers.

At a time when many parents are concerned that their kids spend far too much time indoors, fishing is a good way to motivate them to get off the couch. Fishing differs from many other forms of outdoor recreation because it not only gives kids a lasting way to connect to nature, it improves family communication in ways few activities can

Through the Take Me Fishing program, organized by the non-profit Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation, Shimano has committed to getting a consistent message out that helps to get children involved in fishing. More than just messaging, Shimano has taken an active role on the board of Take Me Fishing, where we’ve taken part in developing programs that helped children learn the joys of becoming life-long anglers. Shimano’s commitment to Take Me Fishing was most noted when we received the 2004 Take Me Fishing Manufacturer of the Year award and set the path for all those within the industry to follow.

To learn more about Take Me Fishing and how you can get your children involved in the excitement, visit www.takemefishing.org.