Using real deer hair along with reflective Mylar for a more natural presentation and movement in the water, these new jigs give Shimano’s Lucanus lure series a different look. The double hook system has been replaced with a 3/0 single assist hook, allowing anglers to add a strip of bait for those tough days on the water.
  • colour_options_v1_m56577569830916052.png Single Assist Hook

Product Specs

Weight Range 60-200g
Size Range 5 size options
Color Range 8 Available Colors

Model Number Weight Depth Color Type
JLCBUCK60BS 60G Bottom Blue Silver Sinking
JLCBUCK150GG 150G Bottom Green Gold Sinking
JLCBUCK150BS 150G Bottom Blue Silver Sinking
JLCBUCK150CW 150G Bottom Chart Silver Sinking
JLCBUCK150NW 150G Bottom Orange White Sinking
JLCBUCK200BS 200G Bottom Blue Silver Sinking
JLCBUCK150PW 150G Bottom Pink White Sinking
JLCBUCK100GG 100G Bottom Green Gold Sinking
JLCBUCK200CW 200G Bottom Chart Silver Sinking
JLCBUCK200NW 200G Bottom Orange White Sinking
JLCBUCK200GG 200G Bottom Green Gold Sinking
JLCBUCK100PW 100G Bottom Pink White Sinking
JLCBUCK100NW 100G Bottom Orange White Sinking
JLCBUCK60CW 60G Bottom Chart Silver Sinking
JLCBUCK80BS 80G Bottom Blue Silver Sinking
JLCBUCK60NW 60G Bottom Orange White Sinking
JLCBUCK60GG 60G Bottom Green Gold Sinking
JLCBUCK60PW 60G Bottom Pink White Sinking
JLCBUCK80NW 80G Bottom Orange White Sinking
JLCBUCK80CW 80G Bottom Chart Silver Sinking
JLCBUCK100CW 100G Bottom Chart Silver Sinking
JLCBUCK80GG 80G Bottom Green Gold Sinking
JLCBUCK80PW 80G Bottom Pink White Sinking
JLCBUCK100BS 100G Bottom Blue Silver Sinking
JLCBUCK200PW 200G Bottom Pink White Sinking