Featuring a sand eel-like slim shape design, Shimano's new Coltsniper sinking stickbaits offer exceptional casting distance from the tackle makers unique Propulsion Weight Transfer System. By allowing the internal weight to slide back during the cast, and then spring forward when the lure hits the water, anglers will notice casting distance increasing by up 22-percent over similar weight and length lures. Ideal for chasing after calico bass and stripers, the slow-sinking Coltsniper stickbaits have a wide slide swim action when retrieved. They feature chemical finish treble hooks mid-body and at the tail.
  • action_v1_m56577569830916050.png Casting
  • size_range_v1_m56577569830916054.png 120mm - 140mm
  • bouyancy_v1_m56577569830916051.png Sinking
  • colour_options_v1_m56577569830916052.png 8 Available Colors

Product Specs

Size Range 120mm - 140mm
Number of Sizes 2 Size Options
Number of Colors 8 Available Colors

Product Code Size Color Type
SAC_OL212PEBN 120mm Bunker Sinking
SAC_OL214PEBP 140mm Bone Pink Sinking
SAC_OL214PESE 140mm Sand Eel Sinking
SAC_OL214PEPB 140mm Pink Back Sinking
SAC_OL214PEMG 140mm Mint Gru Sinking
SAC_OL214PEGM 140mm Green Ma Sinking
SAC_OL214PEBS 140mm Blue Sardine Sinking
SAC_OL212PETG 120mm Trans Go Sinking
SAC_OL214PEBN 140mm Bunker Sinking
SAC_OL212PEBP 120mm Bone Pink Sinking
SAC_OL212PESE 120mm Sand Eel Sinking
SAC_OL212PEPB 120mm Pink Back Sinking
SAC_OL212PEMG 120mm Mint Gru Sinking
SAC_OL212PEGM 120mm Green Ma Sinking
SAC_OL212PEBS 120mm Blue Sardine Sinking
SAC_OL214PETG 140mm Trans Go Sinking