With Shimano's unique Propulsion Weight Transfer System for exceptional long distance casting - allowing the internal weight to slide back during the cast, and then springing forward when the lure hits the water - Shimano introduces its new Coltsniper saltwater jerkbaits, ideal to target both calico bass in SoCal waters and stripers on the East coast. Along with covering lots of water from lengthy casts - up to 22-percent longer than similar weight and length lures, anglers can work the Coltsniper jerkbait in a tight wobble action, or slide action by jerking it. With a slow floating design, it can be fished down to 3 - to 5-foot depths. Chemical finish treble hooks are featured at both mid-body and at the tail.
  • action_v1_m56577569830916050.png Casting
  • size_range_v1_m56577569830916054.png 140mm - 170mm
  • bouyancy_v1_m56577569830916051.png Floating
  • colour_options_v1_m56577569830916052.png 8 Available Colors

Product Specs

Size Range 140mm - 170mm
Number of Sizes 2 Size Options
Number of Colors 8 Available Colors

Product Code Size Color Type
SAC_OM140PEBN 140mm Bunker Floating
SAC_OM170PEBP 170mm Bone Pink Floating
SAC_OM170PESE 170mm Sand Eel Floating
SAC_OM170PEPB 170mm Pink Back Floating
SAC_OM170PEMG 170mm Mint Grun Floating
SAC_OM170PEGM 170mm Green Mac Floating
SAC_OM170PEBS 170mm Blue Sardine Floating
SAC_OM140PETG 140mm Trans Gol Floating
SAC_OM170PEBN 170mm Bunker Floating
SAC_OM140PEBP 140mm Bone Pink Floating
SAC_OM140PESE 140mm Sand Eel Floating
SAC_OM140PEPB 140mm Pink Back Floating
SAC_OM140PEMG 140mm Mint Grun Floating
SAC_OM140PEGM 140mm Green Mac Floating
SAC_OM140PEBS 140mm Blue Sardine Floating
SAC_OM170PETG 170mm Trans Gol Floating