How To Catch Snook & Redfish in the Winter

Catch Florida Snook on a Stradic FK

A winter in Southern Florida is a little different from winter in most of the United States. Florida anglers miss the snow and brutal cold, but face certain other challenges in their winter-time game. Cooler water temperatures, drastic weather changes, and super low tides can make days on the water frustrating.

Shimano pro staffer, Captain Danny Latham knows that adapting and rolling with Mother Nature's punches is the key to winter success! If you are targeting redfish and snook, read on to learn about what works for Captain Danny.

Captain Danny is a full-time fishing guide in the Boca Grande area off Florida’s Southwest coast. He has been guiding for over 20 years and runs over 350 charters, fishing 250+ days per year. Fishing is not only his job - it’s his passion, and we are happy to have him on the Shimano crew!

Learn more about Captain Danny’s fishing adventures.

Captain's Tips For Winter Snook & Redfish


Casting Distance Is King

Captain Danny’s number one tip is: “Distance is king!” When targeting snook and redfish in the winter, the further you can cast the more fish you will catch. Why is casting distance so important this time of year? One, the tides are really low and the fish get super spooky. Two, the longer your bait is in the water the more fish that will see it. The more fish see it the better your chance of catching one.

What rigs does Captain Danny recommend for long distance casting in the flats? "I personally use 7’6” G-Loomis E6X Inshore rods. The 902s XF and 903s XF are perfect for making long casts to spooky fish. Matched with Shimano Stradic FK 3000 and 10# Power Pro these rigs cast a mile! The Stradic is hands down the best reel I have found for flats fishing. It has a super smooth drag, cast a mile with almost no wind knots and is tough enough to last is saltwater.  Did I mention almost no wind knots?!?"

Having a properly rigged setup is probably the most important factor for all types of fishing. Danny says, “Having the wrong setup is like trying to hammer a nail with a screwdriver! Sure, you might get it done but it won’t be any fun!”

Winter Redfish on a Stradic FK


Switch Up Techniques

This time of year you have to use multiple techniques to catch fish and having two different rods can make a big impact. The E6X 902s is a 6-12 lb. class rod and is perfect for throwing free-lined shrimp, minnows and small artificial lures. You want the bait to be able to swim as naturally as possible. This generally means no weight, light leader and small hooks. You want a rod that will load properly with a featherweight offering and really get it out there.

The E6X 903s is an 8-14 lb. rod used for throwing live-baits on floats, larger minnows like big pinfish, dead bait and larger artificials. It loads perfectly with these larger, heavier baits and maximizes casting distance to get to where the really big fish are. 

PowerPro Line Means Casting Distance & Strength

I use 10# Power Pro in yellow and white. I prefer the brighter colors so that I can see where my clients’ lines are. It can be a real mess if there is a double or triple hook up and they can’t see each other's lines!

Not only is it easier to see, 10# PowerPro is the perfect blend of casting distance and strength need to land a big snook or redfish. They are both brutes and will test your line’s strength and durability, so you need something that can handle them. PowerPro is the answer.