What's The Difference Between the Shimano Curado K and Curado I?


The new Shimano Curado K is our best version yet with its slick, matte black look and insanely durable internals, but what is the real difference between the Curado K and the older generation Curado I?

The short version is this: the Curado K is more powerful, more durable, and quieter with better brakes and smoother gears. It's more comfortable in your hand thanks to the more ergonomic body. Shimano engineers are working with the latest technology, to give anglers a technological advantage on the water - this is the latest evolution.

Compact Body

The most obvious difference between Curado models is the Curado K's matte black color, featuring Curado-inspired green accents on the spool and tension knob. Look a little closer and you'll see the Curado K body is 10% smaller in both length and width, so it'll be more comfortable to palm.

MicroModule Gear System

The MicroModule Gear is larger, with more, but smaller teeth for a much smoother retrieve. The smaller teeth enable to the gears to constantly be in contact, resulting in extreme efficiency and the aforementioned smoothness.  

SVS Infinity Braking

The latest generation of SVS Infinity Braking allows for a wider adjustment with the brakes. The new design reduces vibration and maintenance, resulting in a smoother and longer cast. 

Sideplate Updates

The new sideplate is now made of lighter and more rigid CI4+ material, with a more compact, ergonomic shape. Also, your B sideplate (palm side) is now attached to the reel, for easy on the fly adjustments without having to worry about finding a safe place for it!

Higher Gear Ratios

Need more variety in gear ratios for all kinds of techniques? Curado I was 5.5:1, 6.3:1, and 7.2:1 while Curado K is available in 6.2:1 for 26 inches per crank, 7.4:1 for 30 inches per crank, and 8.5:1 for 36 inches per crank.

Longer Handle

The handles on the new Curado K are longer, going from 42mm to 45mm (90mm total). On the highest gear ratio, the handle goes up to 48mm which translates into pure cranking power.