The Maxcuatro Advantage: 25% Thinner Braided Fishing Line

Maxcuatro is the latest in braided fishing line technology from PowerPro, created to help every type of angler improve their fishing experience. Maxcuatro is made with Honeywell Spectra fiber, one of the world’s strongest and lightest manmade fibers. Braided fishing lines made with Spectra fiber are stronger, thinner, more sensitive, and more durable than mono lines – and Maxcuatro is the perfect example. PowerPro Maxcuatro is one of the thinnest braid option available, measuring up to 25% thinner than the original PowerPro line while maintaining the same strength.


The thinness of PowerPro’s Maxcuatro provides unique benefits to every type of angler, in almost every technique-specific situation. You’ll have an advantage, from frog-fishing bass anglers to offshore saltwater experts, like Captain Steve Rodger, the host of Into The Blue:

"I’ve always believed smaller line is always better. It is more sensitive, sinks faster, and it’s harder for fish to see. With Maxcuatro, I’m fishing a braid that’s 25% thinner, so I have plenty of capacity and get exceptional casting distance. I’d say that gives me an advantage – and I’m good with that!”


Benefits of Maxcuatro Braided Fishing Line

Downsize Your Reels – Anglers can move down to smaller, lighter reels – improving the comfort of a reel in your hand all day.

More Reel Capacity – You can add more line of the same pound-test to your reel; 25% thinner means 25% more line on your reel.

Improved Casting Distance – Less drag on your spool and less resistance through the air means longer casts.

Lower Visibility – Maxcuatro will give you added stealth in clear water.

More Sensitive – With minimal stretch and more sensitivity than nylon or fluorocarbon lines, anglers can feel every strike and make a quick hookset. 


Where To Buy PowerPro Maxcuatro

Maxcuatro is available nationally and internationally. Visit your local tackle store or order online from your favorite online retailer. Have questions? Call our customer service line at 877-577-0600 today!