How To Prevent Rusted Bearings With Gentler Cleanings

One of the recent issues we're seeing coming across the Shimano Reel Maintenance counter are rusted bearings. Service Manager Doug Bouse has some ideas on why this is happening - and how you can prevent rusted bearings to the future. It's all in the way you clean your reels...

Skip The Hose To Prevent Rusted Bearings

The old school way of gunning hose water directly onto and into a reel causes a lot of those rust issues. The water gets into the reel and can't get out, causing rust. Our recommendation is to skip the hose completely.

Wipe Your Reel Down With A Wet, Clean Rag

Instead of blasting the reel with a hose, use a rag to wipe the reel off instead. We recommend wetting a clean rag with freshwater and simply wiping the grime, salt off the reel. 

Shimano Reel Maintenance

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