Shimano Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is coming up quick (it's June 18th, FYI) and you know that Dad always needs new fishing gear. Show him your thanks for his constant love and support, for taking you fishing for the first time and teaching you how to cast, for always being your backup fishing buddy. To help inspire you, we've put together a list of favorite rods, reels, and lures for different types of fishing, for different types of dads. Whether he's bassin' in neighborhood ponds or chasing tuna in the Pacific - Shimano has something for him.


Gifts For Dads Who Bass Fish


The Rod: Zodias

The Zodias is one of our most versatile bass rod series with Shimano Hi-Power X technology giving it more overall power and enhanced twist resistance. MSRP starts at $189.99.

The Reel: Curado 70

The 70 is our compact version of the classic Curado. The smaller size makes it perfect for pitching, flipping and casting lighter lures, while the SVS Infinity braking system is perfect finesse and flipping techniques. MSRP is $199.99.

The Lure: Jackall Rhythm Wave

The Jackall Rhythm Wave is a versatile soft swimbait that big bass can't seem to resist. The Rhythm Wave is now available in four sizes, 2.8, 3.8, 4.8, and 5.8, so your dad will find his new go-to. MSRP $4.99-$5.99 per box.


For Inshore Fishing Dads


The Rod: Teramar

These rods were built to suit all requirements of inshore anglers. No matter if Dad is targeting snook, seatrout, tarpon, redfish or everything in between, the Teramar will get the job done for him. MSRP starts at $119.99.

The Reel: Stradic FK

The Stradic FK has proven itself time and time again as one of our best offerings. Not only do our inshore pro staffers say the Stradic is their favorite, but it won Best In Show at ICAST 2015 and was named "2016 Best of the Best" spinning reel in Field & Stream Magazine. You can't go wrong getting this for your pops. MSRP starts at $199.99. 

The Lure: Waxwing

Thanks to the zig-zag motion plus an irregular kicking action, Dad can trigger the strike with these sub-surface swimming jigs. If he gets this on Sunday morning, he'll be in the trout by Sunday night! MSRP starts at $14.99.


Gifts For Dads Who Throw Big Swimbaits


The Rod: G. Loomis Swimbait

Big swimbaits mean big bass and to power big bass to the boat, Dad will to be equipped with a rod that can handle it. The G. Loomis team worked with guides who specialize in double-digit largemouth to bring this rod in, so you know Dad can rely on it. MSRP starts at $300.00.

The Reel: Tranx 300/400

Want to give your dad brute strength this Father's Day? Do it with our new Tranx 300 or 400 size, designed to throw giant baits for bass, muskie, pike, stripers, redfish, snook, tuna, calico bass, and every species in between. MSRP starts at $279.99.

The Lure: Jackall Gantarel

The realistic Gantarel is a 6-inch double-jointed body that perfectly mimics lunch for big bass. It also comes in Gigantarel and Gantarel Jr. sizes, but we know Dad will love the original. MSRP is $39.99.


Gifts For Dads Who Go Offshore


The Rod: Terez

The Terez is a favorite offshore rod for offshore pros like Carter Andrews, Into The Blue, and Journey South Outfitters. If your dad is a serious offshore angler, he needs to have the Terez in his arsenal. MSRP starts at $259.99.

The Reel: Talica

From football size tuna to record setting class pelagic species, the Talica can handle the pressure. Thanks to ultra-smooth and powerful drag system, Dad will handle long battles with ease. MSRP starts at $439.99.

The Lure: Coltsniper

If Dad specializes in long casting from a boat, Coltsniper lures will help him cast even farther. The Coltsniper series comes in jigs, jerkbaits, and stickbaits in flashy colors and unique actions that trigger bites. MSRP starts at $7.99.


For The Dad Who Has Everything Else


If you want to spoil your Dad with the best of the best, the Stella cannot be topped. The Stella, as beautiful as it is powerful, is packed with all of Shimano's top features. It is our flagship spinning reel, made to handle anything that swims with power and torque far beyond what was previously thought possible in a spinning reel. MSRP starts at $789 for the Stella FI and $1,059.99 for the Stella SW.