Announcing The Curado BASS Slam Challenge

The new Shimano Curado K is one of the most versatile and durable baitcasters ever. To prove its versatility, we're taking it on the road with one goal in defeat the "Angler's Ultimate Challenge," the BASS Slam. Over the next three weeks, Team Shimano and special guest Keith Combs will be traveling across the United States to catch every black bass species with only one reel, the Curado K. 


About The Curado BASS Slam

The rules are simple. Our team will embark on a 4000-mile journey to conquer every species of black bass. There are nine members of this family - the Northern Largemouth, Florida Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted, Shoal, Redeye, Guadalupe, Suwanee, and new addition, Alabama spot. We must catch each species, keeping to the minimum length requirements put forth by Bassmaster.

Plus, we've upped the ante by commiting to catch every species using only the new Curado K reel - there won't be anything else in our rod locker. Each fish and each body of water we find ourselves on is sure to greet us with changing conditions and unexpected twists - we're putting the Curado K to the ultimate test.


Northern Largemouth

We kick off the challenge on Friday, August 4th in Priarie Du Chien, Wisconsin - it's the perfect spot to mark the first species off our list, the Northern Largemouth.

Spotted Bass

From Wisconsin, we'll drive to Dardenelle, Arkansas to spend our weekend searching for the 12" Spotted Bass.

Guadalupe Bass

We head south to Austin, Texas for guadalupe bass and maybe some Texas BBQ. Keith'll be in the driver's seat for this stop, since he knows all the best spots.

Redeye Bass

We hope to knock redeye bass off the list in Gadsden, Alabama. Special guest: FLW pro Alex Davis!

Alabama Spot

Next, we throw it to our friends Tactical Bassin on the West Coast - we know they catch some huge Alabama spotted bass!

Shoal Bass

Bainbridge, GA is the perfect place to catch shoal bass as we make our way through the Southeastern states and begin the second week of the Curado Bass Slam.

Suwanee Bass

We're heading into Florida to check Suwanee bass off the list. 

Florida Largemouth

Making our way down Florida in search of Florida largemouth bass. Special guest Bernie Schultz has a special spot in mind...


The perfect way to cap off the Curado Bass Slam? Driving up the East Coast to catch smallies in Columbia, Pennsylvania. We'll drop Keith off in time for him to make it to Lake St. Clair and we'll be headed home to watch the eclipse!