Seeing Is Believing - Rely On Hi-Vis Braid Colors For Fishing Success

Both renowned Canadian walleye charter operator Captain Paul Powis, along with smallmouth ace Derek Strub, rely on Hi-Vis PowerPro braided fishing line to put fish in the boat. 


Clearly Identify Each Line & Bite With Hi-Vis Braided Line

Powis’ walleye program is centered on his ability to clearly identify each line and bite. Once the lines are set, his boat looks like a rainbow with an array of colored line. Using PowerPro Maxcuatro, Super 8 Slick, and standard PowerPro, he’ll select their line diameters to properly target specific depths of the water column.

His favorite color is Hi-Vis yellow because he can see it the farthest. Powis also runs white, Marine Blue, Moss Green, Aqua Green, Timber Brown and Vermilion Red. He’ll watch where the line enters the water as a smaller fish will only move it an inch on the bite, while a bigger fish will trigger the rod.

Running multiple colored lines on his Dipsy Divers on both sides of the boat helps him keep track of where his baits are at all times. Powis never sets the same color on the same side of the boat to avoid any confusion.  

“You have two-seconds to decide how you are going to deal with a double or triple header,” Powis said, “and if you don’t avoid tangles those fish are going to get off.” 


Hi-Vis Braid Helps Anglers Pick Up Subtle Bites

Strub relies on the thinner diameter of five-pound test regular PowerPro for his smallmouth success. He pairs it with an invisible fluorocarbon leader to make ultra-long casts to finesse super-spooky fish with micro-baits, spy baits, hair jigs, and dropshot rigs. By watching his line, he’ll pick up those subtle bites.

“You’ll see your line pop, stop, or speed up on the fall,” Strub states. “Those baits are pushed forward by smallmouth attacking them from behind creating momentary slack. You wouldn’t feel that with any other line.” Strub color-codes his line choices based on the technique that he’s fishing to keep him organized and fishing efficiently.

Due to its low-stretch properties, Strub has come to value the sensitivity of braid. “When I’m dropshotting on slack line, often there’s a bow in the line. You’ll never feel that bite without braided line,” Strub said.

Deep water and fishing in five-foot waves only complicate things - but braid gives you an advantage, notes Strub. “With 80-yards of line out, you need a no-stretch line to feel the bite and get the hooks in,” Strub said. “Cold water smallmouth sometimes won’t even bite - they’ll just stop the bait.”


PowerPro offers it regular fishing braid in four colors - Hi-Vis yellow, Moss Green, Vermilion Red and white; Maxcuatro braid is offered in Hi-Vis yellow and Moss Green; Super 8 Slick braid comes in Aqua Green, Hi-Vis yellow, Marine Blue and Timber Brown. For more information on all PowerPro braid - visit: