The Tiagra Reel Covers are perfectly designed to fit specific sizes of the Tiagra reels, while its gold logo and shiny black fabric match the look of the Tiagra line.
  • material_v1_m56577569830916617.png Neoprene
  • sizing_v1_m56577569830916619.png 9 Sizes - TI12A - TI130A
  • generic_v1_m56577569830916616.png Gold logo and stitches over shiny black fabric match the color of Tiagra reels and Tallus rods
  • generic_v1_m56577569830916616.png Design allows for reel covers to be mounted while the reel is on or off the rod
  • generic_v1_m56577569830916616.png Neoprene covers stretch to easily slip on
  • color_v1_m56577569830916615.png 1 Color - Black with Gold trim

Product Specs

Material Neoprene
Size Range TI12A - TI130A
Color Options Black with Gold Trim

Model Size Color Material
TIRC30W Tiagra 30W Black Neoprene
TIRC50 Tiagra 50 Black Neoprene
TIRC30 Tiagra 30 Black Neoprene
TIRC20 Tiagra 20 Black Neoprene
TIRC16 Tiagra 16 Black Neoprene
TIRC12 Tiagra 12 Black Neoprene
TIRC80W Tiagra 80W Black Neoprene
TIRC130 Tiagra 130 Black Neoprene
TIRC50W Tiagra 50W Black Neoprene