Simply put, PowerPro is the ultimate combination of modern technology and old-fashioned fishing knowledge.  We begin with ultra-strong braided Spectra Fiber, then use Enhanced Body Technology to create an incredibly round, smooth, and sensitive line. 

PowerPro set the bar for braided line and now with 8 premium options to choose from there is a PowerPro to cover any technique and fit any fishing situation.

PowerPro's unique composition and Enhanced Body Technology give you a line that is:


Structurally Superior

  • Reduces wind knots, backlashes, guide and rod tip wraps
  • Ties more easily and holds knots better
  • Nearly zero stretch
  • No reel memory
  • Spools and packs better on any reel
  • Has unbelievable strength-to-size ratio

Smoother and Slicker

  • Sails effortlessly through guides for longer casts
  • Won't cut guides
  • Resists abrasion
  • Long lasting
  • Won't bury in the spool
PowerPro LP.jpg

PowerPro Braided Line

Original PowerPro braided line casts further, has almost zero stretch, and amazing strength.

With a wide range of colors and available in pound test from 5lb to 250lb there is a PowerPro braid for any situation.


PowerPro Maxcuatro

New for 2015 Maxcuatro uses a brand new fiber from Honeywell® that only PowerPro has adapted to fishing line. This 4-fiber braid is 25% thinner than regular PowerPro. That means 25% more line capacity or provides the option for you to downsize your gear.

This ICAST Best of Show winner is available in 50, 65, 80, or 100lb test and Moss green or Hi –vis yellow colors.

Maxcuatro LP.jpg
Zero Impact LP.jpg

PowerPro Zero-Impact

Zero Impact is a PowerPro exclusive that delivers 100% knot strength based on the pound test rating for the line.  Simply tie your knot in one of the clearly marked black Termination Zones and feel a level of confidence that is unmatched by any other Superline on the market.

Zero Impact - Tighten the drag, set the hook hard, give fish ZERO chance to escape!


PowerPro Super 8 Slick

With a silky smooth, 8 braid, Spectra fiber construction and the exclusive PowerPro finishing process Super Slick flows smoother through rod guides and casts like a bullet. The slick surface reduces friction, eliminates line noise and is great for casting or spinning applications.

Super8Slick LP.jpg
Hollow Ace LP.jpg

PowerPro Hollow Ace

PowerPro Hollow Ace is the next generation of performance in hollow core line.  Hollow Ace utilizes a 16 spectra fiber construction along with the Enhanced Body Technology process to create superior connection strength, incredible abrasion resistance and an impressive strength to diameter ratio.

When used with the Power Pro needle kit attaching leaders is simple and the knotless connection means longer casts and smooth line flow through the rod guides.


PowerPro Ice-Tec

Ice Tec uses a special coating to repel water and reduce ice on your guides. The ultra-thin diameter and near zero stretch allows you to prevent tiny ice jigs with ease and detect the lightest bites.

The incredible sensitivity and awesome abrasion resistance mean more fish and fewer lost lures.

Ice-tec LP.jpg
Depth-hunter LP.jpg

PowerPro Depth-Hunter

Depth-Hunter is a metered line from PowerPro that allows you to present your lure in the strike zone easily, accurately, and repeatedly. There are 4-colors; Blue, Yellow, Green, and Orange with 25 feet of color per segment plus with a black indicator every 5 feet. That gives you accurate and instant depth measurement. Depth Hunter is perfect for jigging trolling or any time fish are suspended. Available only from PowerPro.


PowerPro Downrigger Cable Replacement

Whether running deep with trolling weights, planer devices or downriggers PowerPro delivers sensitivity, strength, and near zero stretch to your deep water setups.

Downrigger LP.jpg

Short stroke Servo-Wave mechanism has less free-stroke and 25% greater lever input to suit more aggressive riding.