Our new Bhaltair reel bags are made with durable materials and hard sided construction with padding to safely store and transport your reels. Interior dividers are padded and removable for a customized fit. The padded shoulder strap is adjustable and removable. Available in 3 sizes.
  • material_v1_m56577569830916617.png Durable Material
  • sizing_v1_m56577569830916619.png 3 Sizes - Medium - Large
  • buttons_and_zippers_v1_m56577569830916614.png 2-Way zippered opening for easy access
  • generic_v1_m56577569830916616.png Adjustable, removable, padded reel dividers for a customized fit.
  • generic_v1_m56577569830916616.png Custom molded strap holder
  • color_v1_m56577569830916615.png Black

Product Specs

Material Durable Material
Size Range Medium - Large
Color Options Black

Model Size Color Dimensions Material
BHAL100SBK Small Black 12" x 5.5" x 8.5" Durable Textured Fabric Construction
BHAL130LBK Large Black 22.5" x 12.5" x 9.5" Durable Textured Fabric Construction
BHAL120MBK Medium Black 16" x 7.5" x 11" Durable Textured Fabric Construction