Trevala S utilizes a new proprietary construction type called C4S. C4s results in incredible hoop strength and incredibly sensitive rods. Because of this construction we can use tiny rod diameters. These new smaller diameters lessen the overall weight which allows you to focus on fighting the fish and not your tackle. There is a Trevala S for fishing every new size of Shallow butterfly jig spinning and casting configurations are available. These very specific actions make success an even greater probability when spot fishing sunken stone outcroppings and wrecks. You will be amazed what these little rods are able to conquer.
  • blank_v1_m56577569830917761.png C4S Construction
  • guides_v1_m56577569830917763.png Fuji Alconite Guides Guides
  • reel_seat_v1_m56577569830917764.png Fuji Reel Seat
  • grips_v1_m56577569830917762.png EVA Handle Grips

Product Specs

Series Trevala S Casting
Family Type Jigging
Construction TC4
Number of Models 6
Key Feature Fuji Reel Seat
Guides Alconite Guides

Model Number Length Power Action PowerPro Line Guide Type Blank Material Pieces Grip Material Jig Weights # of Guides
TVSC66XL 6'6 Extra Light Medium Fast 20-30 Fuji Alconite C4S 1 EVA 75g Tip+8
TVSC63M 6'3 Medium Medium Fast 40-60 Fuji Alconite C4S 1 EVA 135g Tip+8
TVSC63L 6'3 Light Medium Fast 30-40 Fuji Alconite C4S 1 EVA 90g Tip+8
TVSC63ML 6'3 Medium Light Medium Fast 40-50 Fuji Alconite C4S 1 EVA 110g Tip+8
TVSC63MH 6'3 Medium Heavy Medium Fast 50-80 Fuji Alconite C4S 1 EVA 168g Tip+8