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Quick View Antares_1024x768_v1_m56577569830917052.png ANTARES

The flagship in Shimano's low-profile baitcasting reel line-up, the Antares reels - offered in two gear ratios for multiple freshwater fishing techniques features the ultimate in long distance casting performance. With Shimano's innovative Micro Module Gear System, plus a lightweight Magnesium frame, it's built to be fished hard.

Quick View Alderbaran_1024x768_v1_m56577569830928437.png ALDEBARAN

As fishermen continue to fine tune their equipment to meet the demands of a variety of techniques, Aldebaran is the new benchmark in compact lightweight fishing reels.

Quick View Metanium_1024x768_v1_m56577569830917082.png METANIUM

For the avid fisherman and tournament bass angler the new Metanium baitcasting reels are LOW PROFILE all about lightweight versatile performance. Weighing in at 6-ounces (6.2 oz for XG model), Shimano offers three gear ratios to have the optimum retrieve speed to fish jigs & worms, jerkbaits, spinnerbaits, and the XG for flipping or punching.

Quick View Chronarch-CI4_1024x768_v1_m56577569830917064.png CHRONARCH CI4

Weighing in at only 6.5oz, the Shimano Chronarch 150 CI4 Casting Reel takes reel performance to a whole new level. Lighter and more advanced than ever before, its CI4+ construction allowed Shimano to greatly reduce its overall weight, while still maintaining incredible rigidity and strength.

Quick View Curado70small_v1_m56577569831017475.jpg CURADO 70

Durable compact Hagane body for in-hand comfort – weighs 6.5 ounces, Wide brake weight range with new enhanced SVS Infinity brake system, Shimano Stable Spool Design (S3D) reduces vibrations, increases casting performance

Quick View CuradoI_1024x768_v1_m56577569830917079.png CURADO

Shimano gives you more with the new Curado I series reels. Now featuring the latest in Shimano fishing reel technology and offered in multiple gear ratios, Curado builds on its legacy as the ‘go to’ baitcasting reel for both fresh and saltwater action.

Quick View CuradoE_v1_m56577569830921380.png CURADO E

Providing anglers with exceptional performance and durability, our Curado E reels are designed for casting big baits and jigging. The 300E/301E offers low-profile handling for all-day muskie action and inshore saltwater use, while the 300EJ has the ideal speed and spool capcity for use with Shimano's Waxwing System to cast the Junior 118, Senior 138 and Daddy 168 size lures.

Quick View Citica_web_1024x768_v1_m56577569830945578.png CITICA

Proven Shimano technology comes to the new Citica I Series baitcasting reels, including X-Ship for smooth retrieval of your favorite bait.

Quick View CaenanSmall_v1_m56577569831017473.jpg CAENAN

S3D spool improves balance and reduces vibration for optimum casting, Offered in both 6.3:1 and higher speed 7.2:1 gear ratios, Right and left hand models available

Quick View Caius_1024x768_v1_m56577569830917058.png CAIUS

With a bold appearance and easy-to-operate and easy-to-learn features, Proven Baitcasting reel quality and dependability in the new Caius 200 and left-hand retrieve 201. Both reels are made for those anglers wanting to step up to the fishing benefits of a low-profile casting reel.

Quick View Casitas_web3_v1_m56577569830987688.png Casitas

Versatile performance ready for action on your favorite bass lake or inshore saltwater destination. The all new Casitas baitcasting reels feature technology-leading Shimano features for smoothness and ease-of-use.