100% polyester stretch hardface fleece with brushed fleece holding heat, hydrophobic finish repels water.
  • material_v1_m56577569830916617.png 100% polyester stretch hardface fleece
  • generic_v1_m56577569830916616.png Heat transfer neck label
  • quick_dry_v1_m56577569830916618.png Brushed fleece next to skin holds heat
  • colour_options_v1_m56577569830916052.png 2 Colors - Gray/Red
  • buttons_and_zippers_v1_m56577569830916614.png Kangaroo pocket with hidden inner pocket

Product Specs

Material 100% polyester stretch
Size Range M to XXXL
Color Options Red and Gray

Model Size Color Material
ESCHOODMGY M Gray 100% polyster
ESCHOODLRD L Red 100% polyester
ESCHOODXXLRD XXL Red 100% polyester
ESCHOOXLMRD XL Red 100% polyester
ESCHOOXXXLGY XXXL Gray 100% polyester
ESCHOODMRD M Red 100% polyester
ESCHOODLGY L Gray 100% polyester
ESCHOODXXLGY XXL Gray 100% polyester
ESCHOODXLGY XL Gray 100% polyester
ESCHOODXXXLRD XXXL Red 100% polyester