Rod FAQ's

  • What is rod "Action"?
  • What is rod "Taper"?
  • The retailer said that Shimano has discontinued the Over-The –Counter Policy and that is why they cannot replace my rod over the counter. I bought my rod before the warranty changes were put into effect; how can Shimano do this?
  • Why doesn’t Shimano honor the Over-The-Counter Program anymore?
  • Is one year really long enough to warranty my Shimano rod?
  • Why is Shimano replacing my limited lifetime warranty rod with a rod covered by a limited one year warranty?
  • Do I need a receipt to make a warranty claim with Shimano?
  • Why did Shimano change their limited lifetime warranty to a limited one year warranty?
  • I no longer have the hang tags for my rod. How do I find out whether my rod is covered under the limited lifetime or the limited one year warranty?
  • Can I break down my rod to send it in for warranty?
  • How do I send my Shimano rod in for warranty?

Reels - FAQ's Spinning Reels

  • Line twist
  • Bail will not close correctly
  • No drag pressure
  • Gears feel rough under pressure.
  • The handle spins backwards on hookset.
  • Line does not stack correctly on.
  • Drag is not smooth.

Reels - FAQ's Baitcasting - Low Profile/Round Reels

  • Reel makes noise when casting.
  • Reel does not cast as far as it used to.
  • Drag is not smooth (jerky).
  • Gears are rough under pressure.
  • Reel does not have any drag pressure.
  • Line guide on level wind does not work.
  • Reel backlashes on casts.
  • Handle spins backwards on hookset.
  • How do I use the VBS (Variable Break System) feature of my Shimano Baitcasting reel?

Service & Maintenance FAQ's

  • How do I obtain service information or parts for my Shimano reel?
  • The line on my Baitcasting reel loads one side of the spool. Is there something wrong with the reel?
  • How do I set my drag for the pound test line I'm using?
  • Why are there more than one color of break weights for my Baitcasting VBS system?
  • How do I put line on my Shimano spinning or baitcasting reel?
  • Can I upgrade or exchange my Shimano product?
  • My reel was just sent to Shimano North America Holding, Inc. (or Shimano Canada Ltd.) and serviced, but it is still not working correctly?
  • Do I pay for return shipping when I send my reel to Shimano for service?
  • If my fishing reel purchase is within its 1 year warranty term and the receipt is included, will repair services be covered automatically?
  • Does Shimano warranty the service work that they have performed on a fishing reel?
  • My braided line is slipping on my spool during the retrieve, what can I do to minimise this issue?

Shimano American Fishing

Customer Service



Shimano North America Holding, Inc. 
1 Holland 
Irvine, CA 92618

8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday
Pacific Standard Time

CUSTOMER SERVICE: 877-577-0600
5:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday
Pacific Standard Time








Shimano Canada Fishing

Customer Service



Shimano Canada Ltd.
Reel Repair Service 
427 Pido Rd.
Peterborough, ON. K9J 6X7


5:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday
Pacific Standard Time