Shimano Express Rod Service Plan Commitment to the angler has been the driving force behind our brands. The Shimano Express Rod Service Plan reflects that commitment. Occasionally, things do not go as planned and you experience an accidental rod breakage. In these cases, Shimano believes that you can still expect level of service you can expect from us all the time. The Express Rod Service Plan has you covered! 

How the Express Service Rod Plan works: Please contact the appropriate service number . Shimano Dealer Line at 800-353-3677. Shimano Customer Service Line at 877-577-0600 Advise the Agent that you would like the Express Service Rod Plan The Agent will require the rod model and payment information If we no longer offer the model or it’s not in stock, Shimano at its discretion, will replace it with the closest comparable rod from our current product line.

Agent will then process the Express order at 50% off MSRP and will include FREE 2-Day priority shipping. (Two-day shipping will not apply to Canadian orders) The Express order will ship the next business day and will include a rod tube and a NO COST return shipping label. When you receive your new rod, simply remove it from the shipping rod tube, place the broken rod into the same tube, ensure both ends are sealed and affix the enclosed, pre-paid shipping label on the outside of the tube. Simply drop the rod off at any authorize FEDEX location or call FEDEX customer service at 1-800-463-3339 to arrange pick up Just return the broken rod within 30-days of receiving the new rod. That’s it!

Shimano Customer Service Line  877-577-0600